READ-ONLY user,READ-ONLY Database,READ-ONLY backup user in PostgreSQL/PPAS

This has been asked me many times. Many users has asked me how they can create READ-ONLY user, READ-ONLY Database or How they can create backup user which can be use only for backup (no modification)

Well answer is in parameter called default_transaction_read_only.

If you want to make a user READ-ONLY, then you can follow steps given below:
1. CREATE normal user.
2. Use ALTER USER command to set this parameter for this user as given below:

ALTER USER  set default_transaction_read_only = on;

3. GRANT SELECT to this user for tables/object using GRANT. And you are good to go.
Below is snapshot:

postgres=# create user readonly password 'test';
postgres=# alter user readonly set default_transaction_read_only = on;
postgres=# GRANT select on employees to readonly;
edbs-MacBook-Pro:data postgres$ psql -U readonly -W
Password for user readonly:
psql (9.1.1)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=> select * from employees ;
 employee_name | entity_name
 Smith         | HR
 Jones         | HR
 Taylor        | SALES
 Brown         | SALES
(4 rows)

postgres=> CREATE table test_readonly(id numeric);
ERROR:  cannot execute CREATE TABLE in a read-only transaction

Similarly, If you want to make a Database READ-ONLY, then you can use following command

ALTER DATABASE  set default_transaction_read_only=on;

Below is snapshot:

postgres=# CREATE database readonly;
postgres=# alter database readonly set default_transaction_read_only = on;
postgres=# \q
edbs-MacBook-Pro:data postgres$ psql readonly
psql (9.1.1)
Type "help" for help.

readonly=# create table test_readonly(id numeric);
ERROR:  cannot execute CREATE TABLE in a read-only transaction

Now, if you want a seperate backup user which you want to use for Online/Hot Backup,Logical Backup (using pg_dump), then you can create a super user with default_transaction_read_only = on and can use it for backup purpose. As given below:

CREATE USER backupuser SUPERUSER  password 'backupuser';
ALTER USER backupuser set default_transaction_read_only = on;

Using default_transaction_read_only parameter, user can also make a Session Readonly by executing following command:

set default_transaction_read_only=on;

I hope above would help someone who is interested in having READ-ONLY user,database or backupuser.

Configure PEM Server on Postgres Plus Cloud

Postgres Plus Cloud is now available for users, so I thought to write a short tutorial on How to create Instance on Postgres Plus Cloud and How to configure PEM Server on Postgres Plus Cloud.

Creating and Installing on Postgres Plus Cloud is very simple. Steps are given below with screen shot:

1. Initialize Cluster on Postgres Plus Cloud (If you are already registered.) Link which can be use is given below:

2. Login Screen is given in First Snapshot

3. As mention in Snapshot use your registered Username and Password:

4. After login with your username and password.  user will get following Initial Screen:

5. After login user will get a Dashboard of Postgres Plus Cloud. Now user can click on LauchDB Cluster to Initalize Cluster and he will get following  popup window

7. Enter Cluster name and information, as given in below Screen Shot:


8. Please note, for PEM Server, user would need to PostgreSQL 9.0 Cluster. After completing above information user can click NEXT button and he will get following screen


9. Click on Lauch and Postgres Plus Cloud will Create a PostgreSQL Cluster as given below:

10. To view on information of Created Cluster user can go to Dashboard and Click on Cluster tab and user will get all information

11. Note down your host name as given in above Snapshot.

12. After noting down hostname, user can click on USER tab and click on “Download SSH KEY” button to download ssh key.

13. After downloading the SSH Key, user would be able to connect to Cloud Instance using ssh as given below:

edbs-MacBook-Pro:Downloads vibhor$ ssh  -i vibhor.kumar\

Last login: Tue Jan 24 10:35:27 2012 from

[root@ip-10-99-86-162 ~]#

[root@ip-10-99-86-162 ~]# hostname


[root@ip-10-99-86-162 ~]#

If you have followed above steps, then you have one Postgres Plus Instance running.

For PEM Server Installation, user can follow steps given below:

1. Download PEM Server Installer from Following link:

2. After Download, Installer use SCP command to copy installer in Postgres Plus Cloud instance, as given below:

edbs-MacBook-Pro:Downloads vibhor$ scp -i   vibhor.kumar\                                                                                      100%   87MB 702.3KB/s   02:07

3. After copying PEM Server Installer to Postgres Plus Cloud Instance, login at PostgresPlus Cloud using ssh command as given below:

ssh  -i vibhor.kumar\

Last login: Tue Jan 24 11:15:00 2012 from

[root@ip-10-99-86-162 ~]# ls  start.log

[root@ip-10-99-86-162 ~]#

4. Execute following command on PEM Server Installer to make it executable:

chmod +x

5. After executing above command user has to first install Apache-php on server. For installing Apache-php, use can execute following to extract Apache-php installer from PEM Server installer, as given below:

./ --extract-apache-php .

[root@ip-10-99-86-162 ~]# ls -ltr

total 114076

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 25333622 Nov 28 02:43

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root    18846 Jan 24 10:29 start.log

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 91332150 Jan 24 11:15

[root@ip-10-99-86-162 ~]#

6. After Extracting Apache-php installer, user can install Apache-php as given below:



Welcome to the ApachePhp Setup Wizard.


Please specify the directory where ApachePhp will be installed.

Installation Directory [/opt/PostgreSQL/EnterpriseDB-ApachePhp]:


Apache Server Details

Please specify a port on which Apache will run

Apache Port [8080]:


Setup is now ready to begin installing ApachePhp on your computer.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n]: Y


Please wait while Setup installs ApachePhp on your computer.

Installing ApachePhp

0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%



EnterpriseDB is the leading provider of value-added products and services for

the Postgres community.

Please visit our website at <a href=""></a>

7. After installing Apache-php, now install postgreSQL 9.0 on Server. For installing postgresql 90, use following command to extract and install postgresql 90.

./ --extract-postgresql .



Welcome to the PostgreSQL Setup Wizard.


Please specify the directory where PostgreSQL will be installed.

Installation Directory [/opt/PostgreSQL/9.0]:


Please select a directory under which to store your data.

Data Directory [/opt/PostgreSQL/9.0/data]:


Please provide a password for the database superuser (postgres). A locked Unix

user account (postgres) will be created if not present.

Password :

Retype password :


Please select the port number the server should listen on.

Port [5432]:


Advanced Options

Select the locale to be used by the new database cluster.


[1] [Default locale]

[2] aa_DJ

[3] aa_DJ.iso88591

[4] aa_DJ.utf8

[5] aa_ER

[6] aa_ER@saaho

[7] aa_ER.utf8

[8] aa_ER.utf8@saaho

[9] aa_ET

[10] aa_ET.utf8

[11] af_ZA

[12] af_ZA.iso88591

[13] af_ZA.utf8

[14] am_ET

[15] am_ET.utf8

[16] an_ES

[17] an_ES.iso885915

[18] an_ES.utf8

[19] ar_AE

[20] ar_AE.iso88596

[21] ar_AE.utf8

[22] ar_BH

[23] ar_BH.iso88596

[24] ar_BH.utf8

[25] ar_DZ

[26] ar_DZ.iso88596

[27] ar_DZ.utf8

[28] ar_EG

[29] ar_EG.iso88596

[30] ar_EG.utf8

[31] ar_IN

[32] ar_IN.utf8

[33] ar_IQ

[34] ar_IQ.iso88596

[35] ar_IQ.utf8

[36] ar_JO

[37] ar_JO.iso88596

[38] ar_JO.utf8

[39] ar_KW

[40] ar_KW.iso88596

[41] ar_KW.utf8

[42] ar_LB

[43] ar_LB.iso88596

[44] ar_LB.utf8

[45] ar_LY

[46] ar_LY.iso88596

[47] ar_LY.utf8

[48] ar_MA

[49] ar_MA.iso88596

[50] ar_MA.utf8

[51] ar_OM

[52] ar_OM.iso88596

[53] ar_OM.utf8

[54] ar_QA

[55] ar_QA.iso88596

[56] ar_QA.utf8

[57] ar_SA

[58] ar_SA.iso88596

[59] ar_SA.utf8

[60] ar_SD

[61] ar_SD.iso88596

[62] ar_SD.utf8

[63] ar_SY

[64] ar_SY.iso88596

[65] ar_SY.utf8

[66] ar_TN

[67] ar_TN.iso88596

[68] ar_TN.utf8

[69] ar_YE

[70] ar_YE.iso88596

[71] ar_YE.utf8

[72] as_IN.utf8

[73] az_AZ.utf8

[74] be_BY

[75] be_BY.cp1251

[76] be_BY@latin

[77] be_BY.utf8

[78] be_BY.utf8@latin

[79] bg_BG

[80] bg_BG.cp1251

[81] bg_BG.utf8

[82] bn_BD

[83] bn_BD.utf8

[84] bn_IN

[85] bn_IN.utf8

[86] bokmal

[87] bokmål

[88] br_FR

[89] br_FR@euro

[90] br_FR.iso88591

[91] br_FR.iso885915@euro

[92] br_FR.utf8

[93] bs_BA

[94] bs_BA.iso88592

[95] bs_BA.utf8

[96] byn_ER

[97] byn_ER.utf8

[98] C

[99] ca_AD

[100] ca_AD.iso885915

[101] ca_AD.utf8

[102] ca_ES

[103] ca_ES@euro

[104] ca_ES.iso88591

[105] ca_ES.iso885915@euro

[106] ca_ES.utf8

[107] ca_FR

[108] ca_FR.iso885915

[109] ca_FR.utf8

[110] ca_IT

[111] ca_IT.iso885915

[112] ca_IT.utf8

[113] catalan

[114] croatian

[115] csb_PL

[116] csb_PL.utf8

[117] cs_CZ

[118] cs_CZ.iso88592

[119] cs_CZ.utf8

[120] cy_GB

[121] cy_GB.iso885914

[122] cy_GB.utf8

[123] czech

[124] da_DK

[125] da_DK.iso88591

[126] da_DK.iso885915

[127] da_DK.utf8

[128] danish

[129] dansk

[130] de_AT

[131] de_AT@euro

[132] de_AT.iso88591

[133] de_AT.iso885915@euro

[134] de_AT.utf8

[135] de_BE

[136] de_BE@euro

[137] de_BE.iso88591

[138] de_BE.iso885915@euro

[139] de_BE.utf8

[140] de_CH

[141] de_CH.iso88591

[142] de_CH.utf8

[143] de_DE

[144] de_DE@euro

[145] de_DE.iso88591

[146] de_DE.iso885915@euro

[147] de_DE.utf8

[148] de_LU

[149] de_LU@euro

[150] de_LU.iso88591

[151] de_LU.iso885915@euro

[152] de_LU.utf8

[153] deutsch

[154] dutch

[155] dz_BT

[156] dz_BT.utf8

[157] eesti

[158] el_CY

[159] el_CY.iso88597

[160] el_CY.utf8

[161] el_GR

[162] el_GR.iso88597

[163] el_GR.utf8

[164] en_AU

[165] en_AU.iso88591

[166] en_AU.utf8

[167] en_BW

[168] en_BW.iso88591

[169] en_BW.utf8

[170] en_CA

[171] en_CA.iso88591

[172] en_CA.utf8

[173] en_DK

[174] en_DK.iso88591

[175] en_DK.utf8

[176] en_GB

[177] en_GB.iso88591

[178] en_GB.iso885915

[179] en_GB.utf8

[180] en_HK

[181] en_HK.iso88591

[182] en_HK.utf8

[183] en_IE

[184] en_IE@euro

[185] en_IE.iso88591

[186] en_IE.iso885915@euro

[187] en_IE.utf8

[188] en_IN

[189] en_IN.utf8

[190] en_NZ

[191] en_NZ.iso88591

[192] en_NZ.utf8

[193] en_PH

[194] en_PH.iso88591

[195] en_PH.utf8

[196] en_SG

[197] en_SG.iso88591

[198] en_SG.utf8

[199] en_US

[200] en_US.iso88591

[201] en_US.iso885915

[202] en_US.utf8

[203] en_ZA

[204] en_ZA.iso88591

[205] en_ZA.utf8

[206] en_ZW

[207] en_ZW.iso88591

[208] en_ZW.utf8

[209] es_AR

[210] es_AR.iso88591

[211] es_AR.utf8

[212] es_BO

[213] es_BO.iso88591

[214] es_BO.utf8

[215] es_CL

[216] es_CL.iso88591

[217] es_CL.utf8

[218] es_CO

[219] es_CO.iso88591

[220] es_CO.utf8

[221] es_CR

[222] es_CR.iso88591

[223] es_CR.utf8

[224] es_DO

[225] es_DO.iso88591

[226] es_DO.utf8

[227] es_EC

[228] es_EC.iso88591

[229] es_EC.utf8

[230] es_ES

[231] es_ES@euro

[232] es_ES.iso88591

[233] es_ES.iso885915@euro

[234] es_ES.utf8

[235] es_GT

[236] es_GT.iso88591

[237] es_GT.utf8

[238] es_HN

[239] es_HN.iso88591

[240] es_HN.utf8

[241] es_MX

[242] es_MX.iso88591

[243] es_MX.utf8

[244] es_NI

[245] es_NI.iso88591

[246] es_NI.utf8

[247] es_PA

[248] es_PA.iso88591

[249] es_PA.utf8

[250] es_PE

[251] es_PE.iso88591

[252] es_PE.utf8

[253] es_PR

[254] es_PR.iso88591

[255] es_PR.utf8

[256] es_PY

[257] es_PY.iso88591

[258] es_PY.utf8

[259] es_SV

[260] es_SV.iso88591

[261] es_SV.utf8

[262] estonian

[263] es_US

[264] es_US.iso88591

[265] es_US.utf8

[266] es_UY

[267] es_UY.iso88591

[268] es_UY.utf8

[269] es_VE

[270] es_VE.iso88591

[271] es_VE.utf8

[272] et_EE

[273] et_EE.iso88591

[274] et_EE.iso885915

[275] et_EE.utf8

[276] eu_ES

[277] eu_ES@euro

[278] eu_ES.iso88591

[279] eu_ES.iso885915@euro

[280] eu_ES.utf8

[281] fa_IR

[282] fa_IR.utf8

[283] fi_FI

[284] fi_FI@euro

[285] fi_FI.iso88591

[286] fi_FI.iso885915@euro

[287] fi_FI.utf8

[288] finnish

[289] fo_FO

[290] fo_FO.iso88591

[291] fo_FO.utf8

[292] français

[293] fr_BE

[294] fr_BE@euro

[295] fr_BE.iso88591

[296] fr_BE.iso885915@euro

[297] fr_BE.utf8

[298] fr_CA

[299] fr_CA.iso88591

[300] fr_CA.utf8

[301] fr_CH

[302] fr_CH.iso88591

[303] fr_CH.utf8

[304] french

[305] fr_FR

[306] fr_FR@euro

[307] fr_FR.iso88591

[308] fr_FR.iso885915@euro

[309] fr_FR.utf8

[310] fr_LU

[311] fr_LU@euro

[312] fr_LU.iso88591

[313] fr_LU.iso885915@euro

[314] fr_LU.utf8

[315] fy_NL

[316] fy_NL.utf8

[317] ga_IE

[318] ga_IE@euro

[319] ga_IE.iso88591

[320] ga_IE.iso885915@euro

[321] ga_IE.utf8

[322] galego

[323] galician

[324] gd_GB

[325] gd_GB.iso885915

[326] gd_GB.utf8

[327] german

[328] gez_ER

[329] gez_ER@abegede

[330] gez_ER.utf8

[331] gez_ER.utf8@abegede

[332] gez_ET

[333] gez_ET@abegede

[334] gez_ET.utf8

[335] gez_ET.utf8@abegede

[336] gl_ES

[337] gl_ES@euro

[338] gl_ES.iso88591

[339] gl_ES.iso885915@euro

[340] gl_ES.utf8

[341] greek

[342] gu_IN

[343] gu_IN.utf8

[344] gv_GB

[345] gv_GB.iso88591

[346] gv_GB.utf8

[347] hebrew

[348] he_IL

[349] he_IL.iso88598

[350] he_IL.utf8

[351] hi_IN

[352] hi_IN.utf8

[353] hr_HR

[354] hr_HR.iso88592

[355] hr_HR.utf8

[356] hrvatski

[357] hsb_DE

[358] hsb_DE.iso88592

[359] hsb_DE.utf8

[360] hu_HU

[361] hu_HU.iso88592

[362] hu_HU.utf8

[363] hungarian

[364] hy_AM

[365] hy_AM.utf8

[366] icelandic

[367] id_ID

[368] id_ID.iso88591

[369] id_ID.utf8

[370] is_IS

[371] is_IS.iso88591

[372] is_IS.utf8

[373] italian

[374] it_CH

[375] it_CH.iso88591

[376] it_CH.utf8

[377] it_IT

[378] it_IT@euro

[379] it_IT.iso88591

[380] it_IT.iso885915@euro

[381] it_IT.utf8

[382] iw_IL

[383] iw_IL.iso88598

[384] iw_IL.utf8

[385] ja_JP

[386] ja_JP.eucjp

[387] ja_JP.ujis

[388] ja_JP.utf8

[389] japanese

[390] japanese.euc

[391] ka_GE.utf8

[392] kk_KZ.utf8

[393] kl_GL

[394] kl_GL.iso88591

[395] kl_GL.utf8

[396] km_KH

[397] km_KH.utf8

[398] kn_IN

[399] kn_IN.utf8

[400] ko_KR

[401] ko_KR.euckr

[402] ko_KR.utf8

[403] korean

[404] korean.euc

[405] ku_TR

[406] ku_TR.iso88599

[407] ku_TR.utf8

[408] kw_GB

[409] kw_GB.iso88591

[410] kw_GB.utf8

[411] ky_KG

[412] ky_KG.utf8

[413] lg_UG

[414] lg_UG.iso885910

[415] lg_UG.utf8

[416] lithuanian

[417] lo_LA

[418] lo_LA.utf8

[419] lt_LT

[420] lt_LT.iso885913

[421] lt_LT.utf8

[422] lv_LV

[423] lv_LV.iso885913

[424] lv_LV.utf8

[425] mai_IN

[426] mai_IN.utf8

[427] mg_MG

[428] mg_MG.iso885915

[429] mg_MG.utf8

[430] mi_NZ

[431] mi_NZ.iso885913

[432] mi_NZ.utf8

[433] mk_MK

[434] mk_MK.iso88595

[435] mk_MK.utf8

[436] ml_IN

[437] ml_IN.utf8

[438] mn_MN

[439] mn_MN.utf8

[440] mr_IN

[441] mr_IN.utf8

[442] ms_MY

[443] ms_MY.iso88591

[444] ms_MY.utf8

[445] mt_MT

[446] mt_MT.iso88593

[447] mt_MT.utf8

[448] nb_NO

[449] nb_NO.iso88591

[450] nb_NO.utf8

[451] ne_NP

[452] ne_NP.utf8

[453] nl_BE

[454] nl_BE@euro

[455] nl_BE.iso88591

[456] nl_BE.iso885915@euro

[457] nl_BE.utf8

[458] nl_NL

[459] nl_NL@euro

[460] nl_NL.iso88591

[461] nl_NL.iso885915@euro

[462] nl_NL.utf8

[463] nn_NO

[464] nn_NO.iso88591

[465] nn_NO.utf8

[466] no_NO

[467] no_NO.iso88591

[468] no_NO.utf8

[469] norwegian

[470] nr_ZA

[471] nr_ZA.utf8

[472] nso_ZA

[473] nso_ZA.utf8

[474] nynorsk

[475] oc_FR

[476] oc_FR.iso88591

[477] oc_FR.utf8

[478] om_ET

[479] om_ET.utf8

[480] om_KE

[481] om_KE.iso88591

[482] om_KE.utf8

[483] or_IN

[484] or_IN.utf8

[485] pa_IN

[486] pa_IN.utf8

[487] pa_PK

[488] pa_PK.utf8

[489] pl_PL

[490] pl_PL.iso88592

[491] pl_PL.utf8

[492] polish

[493] portuguese

[494] POSIX

[495] pt_BR

[496] pt_BR.iso88591

[497] pt_BR.utf8

[498] pt_PT

[499] pt_PT@euro

[500] pt_PT.iso88591

[501] pt_PT.iso885915@euro

[502] pt_PT.utf8

[503] romanian

[504] ro_RO

[505] ro_RO.iso88592

[506] ro_RO.utf8

[507] ru_RU

[508] ru_RU.iso88595

[509] ru_RU.koi8r

[510] ru_RU.utf8

[511] russian

[512] ru_UA

[513] ru_UA.koi8u

[514] ru_UA.utf8

[515] rw_RW

[516] rw_RW.utf8

[517] se_NO

[518] se_NO.utf8

[519] sid_ET

[520] sid_ET.utf8

[521] si_LK

[522] si_LK.utf8

[523] sk_SK

[524] sk_SK.iso88592

[525] sk_SK.utf8

[526] slovak

[527] slovene

[528] slovenian

[529] sl_SI

[530] sl_SI.iso88592

[531] sl_SI.utf8

[532] so_DJ

[533] so_DJ.iso88591

[534] so_DJ.utf8

[535] so_ET

[536] so_ET.utf8

[537] so_KE

[538] so_KE.iso88591

[539] so_KE.utf8

[540] so_SO

[541] so_SO.iso88591

[542] so_SO.utf8

[543] spanish

[544] sq_AL

[545] sq_AL.iso88591

[546] sq_AL.utf8

[547] sr_CS

[548] sr_CS.iso88595

[549] sr_CS.utf8

[550] sr_ME

[551] sr_ME.utf8

[552] sr_RS

[553] sr_RS@latin

[554] sr_RS.utf8

[555] sr_RS.utf8@latin

[556] ss_ZA

[557] ss_ZA.utf8

[558] st_ZA

[559] st_ZA.iso88591

[560] st_ZA.utf8

[561] sv_FI

[562] sv_FI@euro

[563] sv_FI.iso88591

[564] sv_FI.iso885915@euro

[565] sv_FI.utf8

[566] sv_SE

[567] sv_SE.iso88591

[568] sv_SE.iso885915

[569] sv_SE.utf8

[570] swedish

[571] ta_IN

[572] ta_IN.utf8

[573] te_IN

[574] te_IN.utf8

[575] tg_TJ.utf8

[576] th_TH.utf8

[577] ti_ER

[578] ti_ER.utf8

[579] ti_ET

[580] ti_ET.utf8

[581] tig_ER

[582] tig_ER.utf8

[583] tl_PH

[584] tl_PH.iso88591

[585] tl_PH.utf8

[586] tn_ZA

[587] tn_ZA.utf8

[588] tr_CY

[589] tr_CY.iso88599

[590] tr_CY.utf8

[591] tr_TR

[592] tr_TR.iso88599

[593] tr_TR.utf8

[594] ts_ZA

[595] ts_ZA.utf8

[596] tt_RU.utf8

[597] turkish

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Please choose an option [1] :


Setup is now ready to begin installing PostgreSQL on your computer.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n]:


Please wait while Setup installs PostgreSQL on your computer.


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Setup has finished installing PostgreSQL on your computer.

8. Now, user can install PEM Server on Postgres Plus Cloud, using following command,( snapshot is given below):


Snapshot of Installation process is given below:



Welcome to the Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) Server Setup Wizard.


Please read the following License Agreement. You must accept the terms of this

agreement before continuing with the installation.

Press [Enter] to continue :

Limited Use Software License Agreement

Version 2.4


This Limited Use Software License Agreement ("Agreement") is a legal document

between you ("Customer") and EnterpriseDB Corporation ("EnterpriseDB"). It is

important that you read this document before using the EnterpriseDB-provided

software ("Software"). By clicking the "I ACCEPT" button, or by installing, or
	<li>otherwise using the Software, Customer agrees to be bound by the terms of this</li>
Agreement, including, without limitation, the warranty disclaimers, limitations
	<li>of liability and termination provisions below. Customer agrees that this</li>
Agreement is enforceable like any written agreement negotiated and signed by

Customer. If Customer does not agree with the terms and conditions of this

Agreement, Customer is not licensed to use the Software, and Customer must

destroy any downloaded copies of the Software in its possession or control. This

Agreement will not apply if Customer has: a) a valid, paid subscription to

PostgreSQL, Postgres Plus Standard Server, or Postgres Plus Advanced Server, and

in that case, the terms of the Full Use Software License Agreement will apply,
	<li>or b) purchased a Full Use Software License, and in that case, the terms of the</li>
Full Use Software License Agreement will apply.
	<li>     Scope of License. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement,</li>
Press [Enter] to continue :

EnterpriseDB grants to Customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to

install a single instance of the Software on one (1) server. Notwithstanding the

previous sentence, under the terms of this Agreement, Postgres Enterprise

Manager may be installed on multiple computers. The Software may only be used

solely for internal evaluation purposes ("Authorized Use") during the time that

Customer is current in the payment of the applicable subscription fees or if no

subscription fees are due, then this license will remain in effect until this

agreement is terminated as set forth in Section 9. Evaluation purposes do not

include the right to use the Software for production use, sublicensing, resale,
	<li>or distribution, including without limitation, operation on a time sharing,</li>
software as a service or service bureau basis or distributing the Software as

part of an ASP, VAR, OEM, distributor or reseller arrangement.
	<li>     License Restrictions. Customer agrees not to: (a) copy or use the Software</li>
in any manner except as expressly permitted in this Agreement; (b) transfer,

sell, rent, lease, distribute, or sublicense the Software; (c) use the Software

for providing time-sharing services, service bureau services or as part of an

application services provider or software as a service offering; (d) reverse

engineer, disassemble, decompile the Software; (e) alter or remove any

proprietary notices in the Software; (f) make available to any third party any

analysis of the results of operation of the Software, including benchmarking

results, without the prior written consent of EnterpriseDB. Customer may make
	<li>one additional copy of the Software for backup or archival purposes provided</li>
Press [Enter] to continue :

that the Authorized Use is not exceeded. If Customer would like to change the

level of Authorized Use, Customer will need to enter into the appropriate

EnterpriseDB license and pay the applicable fees.
	<li>     Ownership. EnterpriseDB and its licensors retain all right, title and</li>
interest in and to the Software and any modifications and enhancements to the

Software and all Upgrades, including all intellectual property rights that are

not expressly granted in this Agreement.
	<li>     Open Source Programs. The Software is distributed with third party open</li>
source software programs as described in the licenses directory of the Software.

These open source programs are distributed under open source licenses and not

this Agreement.
	<li>Verification. Customer acknowledges that the Software may include</li>
functionality that notifies Customer of the availability of updates and collects

and reports certain information about the use of the Software to EnterpriseDB.

Customer will provide EnterpriseDB with documentation concerning transactions

related to the Software within thirty (30) days after written request.  In

addition, upon at least thirty (30) days prior written notice, EnterpriseDB or

its designated agent may inspect and review CustomerÕs facilities and records

in order to verify CustomerÕs compliance with this Agreement.

Press [Enter] to continue :



	<li>LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY.  Notwithstanding any other clause in this</li>
Agreement, in no event will EnterpriseDB be liable for any special, indirect,

incidental, punitive or consequential damages (including, without limitation,

any failure to realize savings or other benefits; any loss of use; or any claims

made by or any payments made to any third person), any loss of revenue or

profits, any loss and/or damage arising from or in connection with a virus, or

any loss of data and/or damage arising there from or relating thereto, in each

case arising from or in connection with this Agreement or the use or performance
	<li>of any Software whether in an action based on contract, tort or any other legal</li>
theory, whether or not EnterpriseDB has been notified of the possibility

thereof. Notwithstanding any other clause in this Agreement, in no event will

EnterpriseDB's total aggregate liability for any damages arising from or in

connection with this Agreement or the use or performance of any Software whether

in actions based on contract, tort or any other legal theory, and whether or not

EnterpriseDB has been notified of the possibility thereof, exceed the amount

paid under this Agreement during the twelve (12) month period preceding the date
	<li>of the claim.  The foregoing limitations, exclusions and disclaimers are an</li>
Press [Enter] to continue :

allocation of the risk between the parties and will apply to the maximum extent

permitted by applicable law, even if any remedy fails in its essential purpose.
	<li>Government Rights.  The Software under this Agreement is "commercial computer</li>
software" as that term is described in DFAR 252.227-7014(a) (1).  If acquired by
	<li>or on behalf of a civilian agency, the U.S. Government acquires this commercial</li>
computer software and/or commercial computer software documentation subject to

the terms and this Agreement as specified in 48C.F.R. 12.212 (Computer Software)

and 12.11 (Technical Data) of the Federal Acquisition Regulations ("FAR") and

its successors.  If acquired by or on behalf of any agency within the Department
	<li>of Defense ("DOD"), the U.S. Government acquires this commercial computer</li>
software and/or commercial computer software documentation subject to the terms
	<li>of this Agreement as specified in 48 C.F.R. 227.7202 of the DOD FAR Supplement</li>
and its successors.

9. Term and Termination. This Agreement is effective as of the date this

Agreement is accepted by Customer and will continue for (i) sixty (60) days,

(ii) forty-five (45) days for Postgres Enterprise Manager, or (iii) until

terminated by either party by giving written notice to the other, whichever

circumstance occurs first. In the event of a termination of this Agreement,

Customer must de-install all Software and cease all use of the Software.

Sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 will survive the termination of this
	<li>In addition, Customer will pay EnterpriseDB all monies that become</li>
Press [Enter] to continue :

due prior to the date of termination.
10.1     Entire Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between

the parties concerning the subject matter hereof, notwithstanding any different
	<li>or additional terms that may be contained in the form of purchase order or other</li>
document used by Customer to place orders or otherwise effect transactions
	<li>This Agreement supersedes all prior or contemporaneous discussions,</li>
proposals and agreements between the parties relating to the subject matter of

this Agreement. No amendment, modification or waiver of any provision of this

Agreement will be effective unless in writing and signed by both parties.

10.2     Severability. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or

unenforceable, the remaining portions will remain in full force and effect and

such provision will be enforced to the maximum extent possible so as to effect

the intent of the parties and will be reformed to the extent necessary to make

such provision valid and enforceable provided, however, that if Sections 6 and 7

cannot be modified to be valid and enforceable, this Agreement will be deemed

invalid in its entirety.

10.3     Force Majeure. Neither party will be liable or deemed to be in breach for

any delay or failure in performance of this Agreement (except for the payment of

Press [Enter] to continue :

money) or interruption of services resulting directly or indirectly from acts of

God, civil or military authority, war, riots, civil disturbances, accidents,

fire, earthquake, floods, strikes, lock-outs, labor disturbances, foreign or

governmental order, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of such


10.4     Governing Law and Venue. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of New

York without regard for its choice of law provisions.  All disputes arising out
	<li>of or relating to this Agreement will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction</li>
	<li>of the state or federal courts of New York, and each party irrevocably consents</li>
to such personal jurisdiction and waives all objections to this venue.

10.5     Export Regulations. Customer will comply fully with all export control laws

and regulations of the United States and all other jurisdictions.

10.6     Assignment. Neither party may assign this Agreement without the prior

written consent of the other party, which consent will not be unreasonably

withheld, provided that no consent will be necessary if this Agreement is being

assigned by a party to an acquirer of all or substantially all of the party's

assets (or the assets of the party's applicable business unit), whether by

merger, sale or exchange of stock, sale of assets or otherwise and in this case,

the party may assign this Agreement by providing written notice to the other


Press [Enter] to continue :

10.7     Marketing. EnterpriseDB may use CustomerÕs name and company logo on its

customer list and web site, and link to CustomerÕs web site.

10.8     Independent Contractor. The relationship of the parties is that of

independent contractors.  Neither party will be deemed to be the legal

representative of the other nor will it have any right to bind the other party

to any contract or commitment.  This Agreement does not, and will not, be

construed to create an employer-employee, agency, joint venture or partnership

relationship between the parties.  Each party agrees to assume complete

responsibility for its own employees regarding federal or state laws, including

employers' liability and tax withholding, worker's compensation, social

security, unemployment insurance, and OSHA requirements.

10.9     Notice. All notices and other communications herein permitted or required

under this Agreement will be sent by postage prepaid, via registered or

certified mail or overnight courier, return receipt requested, or delivered

personally to the parties at their respective addresses, or to such other

address as either party will give to the other party in the manner provided

herein for giving notice.  Notice will be considered given upon receipt.

Press [Enter] to continue :

Do you accept this license? [y/n]: y


Please select a directory for the PEM server installation.

Installation Directory [/opt/PEM]:


EnterpriseDB User Account Information

Please enter the email address and password for your user


Email address []:

Password :


PostgreSQL Installation Details

Please verify the password for the user 'postgres' of the local PostgreSQL

server installation running on port 5432.

Password :


Network Details

Please enter the CIDR formatted network address range that agents will connect

to the server from, to be added to the server's pg_hba.conf file. For example,

Network address []:   --- To allow access from other Servers.


Agent Details.

Please specify a description for the agent.

Description. [Postgres Enterprise Manager Host]:


Setup is now ready to begin installing the PEM server on your computer.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n]:


Please wait while Setup installs the PEM server on your computer.


0% ______________ 50% ______________ 100%


9. After installing PEM Server, user can use PEM Client to access/ Monitor Server.

Some Snapshots are given below:

Its very easy to Create and Install PEM Server on Postgres Plus Cloud.