Fix of "ORA-29275: partial multibyte character"

This happened to me when I was trying to migrate the Oracle Database to Advanced Server & PostgreSQL.

This kind of error comes if Data in Oracle have some junk/invisible Characters which conversion is unknown.

select * from junk_character;'ORA-29275: partial multibyte character'

Oracle Descritption for this error is given below:
partial multibyte character
Cause: The requested read operation could not complete because a partial multibyte character was found at the end of the input.
Action: Ensure that the complete multibyte character is sent from the remote server and retry the operation. Or read the partial multibyte character as RAW.

Which doesn’t give much information.

To find the the column and rows which have those junk/invisible character user can try following trick.

a. Select the data column wise as given below:   select col1 from tablename;   select col2 from tablename;

If you are sure about the columns which has those junk character, then you can do the range data SELECT using ROWNUM to find the Rows which has those Junk Character.

b. select col1,col2 from  rownum between lowerbound and upperbound;

After finding the rownum, user either can update the column value Or delete the rows if those are not important.

To get the data, without junk/invisible characters, user can also use Convert Function.

To fix this issue, I have used the convert Function of oracle to display the result.


Above function helped me.
Using Above function, I have created a view on top of the Table Data and using that view, I have been able to Migrate the data of Oracle.