EnterpriseDB Replication tool has been now modified and add new functionality in it.

Previous Replication Console, which had been made, was using the DBA Management server and Publication & Subscriptions were dependent.

Now, xDB Replication has been divided into two components:
1. Publication Server : (Master Server)
2. Subscription Server: (Slave Server)

Some Background of Publication Server. Publication Server has following components:
1. JAVA Based Daemon.
2. MetaDatabase of Publication Server.

Publication Server keeps its information (Information about the Primary Database, Tables Details etc.) in the MetaDatabase under schema _edb_replicator_pub

Publication server is independent and has no dependency on Subscriptions Server. By default publication server uses the 9011 port. However, if user wants, [S]he can use different ports too.

For running Publication Server on different port, use the following command:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repserver.jar pubserver <port>  

Similarly, Subscription Server has two components:
1. JAVA Based Daemon
2. MetaDatabase of Publication. (which Subscription server uses for Keeping the information of Subscriptions)

In Metadatabase, xDB Subscription server keeps the information in _edb_replicator_sub.

By Default xDB Replication runs on port 9012. However if user wants [S]he can run the daemon on different port too, by using following command:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repserver.jar subserver <port>  

Now, Questions comes, How to use the daemon for Publication and Subscriptions?

EnterpriseDB provides a jar file edb-repcli.jar in $EDBHOME/bin which can be use.

edb-repcli.jar has been exhausted with lots of options using which user can Create a Publication/Subcriptions, can add the database etc.

To find more of its options, user can use following command:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repcli.jar -help  

With above, user has to create a two configuration files:
1. Publication Configuration file
2. Subscription Configuration file.

Format of Configuration files of Publication and Subcription are same.
Following is a snapshot and description of configuration file:

user=enterprisedb # User using which xDB Publication/Subscription can connect with MetaDAtabase  
port=9011 # Port on  which Publication/Subscription Daemon is running.  
password= <encrypted password="">  
type=enterprisedb # There are two of database which xDB Replication Daemon can use one EnterpriseDB databases (Postgres Plus Advanced Or postgres (PostgreSQL)  
host=localhost # Host on which Publication Daemon is running  

With above configuration file of Publication/Subscription configuration files, there is one more xDB Server configuration file. This file by default exists in /etc/edb-repl.conf. This file contains the information of xDB Metadabase.
Following is a snapshot of this file:

port=5445 (port on which xDB Replication is running)  

Few Handy Commands of edb-repcli.jar is given below:

1. To view list the publications, user can use following command:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repcli.jar -printpublist -repsvrfile <publication configuration="" file="">  

2. To view the published tables of a publication, following command:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repcli.jar -printpublishedtables <publication name=""> -repsvrfile <publication configuration="" file="">  

3. To list the subscriptions of a particular subscription database, following command can be use:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repcli.jar -printsublist -repsvrfile <subscription configuration="" file=""> -subdbid <subscription database="" id="">  

4. To print the subscribed database ids following command can be use:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repcli.jar -printsubdbidsdetails -repsvrfile <subscription configuration="" file="">  

5. To add the Databases [Oracle|EnterpriseDB] for publication, following command can be use:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repcli.jar -addpubdb -repsvrfile <publication configuration="" file=""> -dbtype {oracle | enterprisedb | postgresql} -dbhost <host> -dbport <port> -dbuser <user> -dbpassword <encrypted password=""> -database {<database> | <service>} [-oraconnectiontype {sid | servicename}]  

6. To print the published Databases in Publication Server, following command can be use:

$EDBHOME/jre/bin/java -jar $EDBHOME/bin/edb-repcli.jar -printpubdbidsdetails -repsvrfile <publication configuration="" file="">  

To control the behavior/performance of Publication/Subscription daemon, EnterpriseDB provides a two important files.
1. xdb_pubserver.conf
2. xdb_subserver.con

Location of above two files is $EDBHOME/etc.

Information of the contents of these two files can be find in following link:

Details of Permitted Source and Target databases can be find in following link:

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  1. >Thanks very much for this post. I don't find many posts regarding EnterpriseDB and this one was very helpful. Their documentation for the command line client is sparse and does not indicate that you require 2 authentication files to use the CLI.

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