Here are the steps which some one can use to configure the pgAgent. These steps are tested on my machine:

1. Login to system as test_user:

Please create a pgpass.conf file in test_user %APPDATA%\postgresql directory:

Entry for pgpass.conf should be as given below:


2. Connect to database as given below:

C:\”Program Files”\PostgresPlus\8.4\bin\psql.exe -U postgres

(Above command will also verify that pgpass.conf is used by the psql command or not)
3. After connecting to database, create plpgsql language as given below:


4. Now, run the pgagent.sql file.

5. Create pgAgent service, as given below:

pgagent.exe INSTALL pgAgent -u test_user -p test hostaddr=<host> dbname=<dbname> user=<username>

3. Start the created service using following command:

net start pgAgent

4. While Creating job, Please keep the output of following command in “Host Agent” field of “pgAgent Job” window:

select jagstation from pgagent.pga_jobagent;


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